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When bacteria infect the pulp of your tooth, it can reach the tooth’s nerve, causing significant pain. Fortunately, the dentists at Eric Groeneveld DDS can perform root canal treatment in Lapeer, MI to relieve discomfort and typically prevent the need for extraction.
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Regular dental check ups also provide our dentist, Eric Groeneveld, and our team with the opportunity to scan your mouth for any developing oral health concerns for early and conservative treatment.

Did you know many offices only allow 30 minutes for a normal dental cleaning appointment? In our office, each adult patient is scheduled for a full hour. This allows us to better serve our patients and treat all the conditions that you might have.

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ADA Recommendations

The ADA recommends the following for good oral hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste. Replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush won’t do a good job of cleaning your teeth.
  • Clean between teeth daily with floss or an interdental cleaner. Tooth decay–causing bacteria still linger between teeth where toothbrush bristles can’t reach. This helps remove the sticky film on teeth called plaque and food particles from between the teeth and under the gum line.
  • Eat a balanced diet and limit between-meal snacks.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss with us what types of oral care products will be most effective for you.

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